About Us

Lemon Angels was an idea I have had for a few years. I had the idea but  so many other things to put some consistent effort behind it. 

When the domain came up for renewal ever year, I keep renewing it. I did some small projects, but not enough to make a difference. 

Events keep coming up and I dismissed them until the event for Kayge. It was to close to home for me, a 6 year old (the same age as my daughter as I write it) with Brain tumor that couldn't be operated on.

I have always been family focused, and wanted to find a business that didn't require me to travel away from my family, but could really make a difference. 

With technology and business online evolved and becoming more cost effective, this was it. All of the products were able to be processed from the US, send up within 24-48 hours and created as required, this is the model that could really help.

Now its onward and upward, I would love to get on ellen for the difference we are making, for now its do the work, and help


Paul Easton