Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to raise funds, for yourself or others, please read an create and introductory call below. 

What does this cost to raise money?

Its free, we partner with those in need of the help and share the sales.

How does it work?

We interview the person/family in need so they can tell their story and spread the message of the pain that's going on in their life.

How do you make money?

We share in the profits from the sales. Instead of spending it on advertising, we believe the family and friends will spread the work about us, raising exposure, selling more products in Win-Win

Does it goes for any period of time?

No, it goes on for even - those receiving support get give a special tracking link which they can continue to use and they will continue as long as they send people to the site. 

Do you promise any amount to raise?

We cannot promise any amount raised

Are you a charity?

No we are a business and have been set up to run profitably and expand and grow. Our goal is to become big enough that a larger corporate company will take us over- then we can help more people in lots of countries!

Why did you set this up?

I saw an opportunity to use the internet to spread the word and help others, who needed a help with a situation in life. This is mainly for individuals and family's and this point. 

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